Summer Recommendations!

I wanted to post a simple blog for recommended summer resources:

The First is are Listening Resources:

1) Matt Chandler just did a great series called The Cause, every Christ follower or one interested in following Christ (whether you think you know what that means or not) it will be a great refresher or a great learning experience…this was a great conviction and a great inspiration to me, I think everyone in this email would benefit from listening to this five part series, click HERE.

2) Matt Carter just did a great series called “The Good News of the Recession” – Let me recommend it highly for yourself, and for anyone you know who may have been effected in any way through this recession be it, 401k loss, investment loss, job loss, etc, etc…This series highly convicted and inspired me as well…If you want to listen to this three part series click HERE

Highly Recommended Summer Reading Resources:

1) The Cross of Christ

2) God, Marriage and Family

3) TK Primer

4) The Lost Secret of the New Covenant

I know this would do you all well to manage time in your summer to go through all of these…

Love you all’

Matthew Hansen


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