The Sin of Popcorn!

Okay, first, all you movie goers can relax, this is not an attack on popcorn nor is this a blog on unhealthy eating, so breathe out…

Many of you know that my youngest daughter, Eden, had to have minor surgery about a month ago to have a popcorn seed removed from her ear. We don’t know when she stuck it down there, but what we do know is that it had been in there long enough that it began to fasten itself to her ear, and she couldn’t remove it herself, but had to have it taken out by a specialist…AGAINST HER WILL!

So what do I mean, against her will? Theoretically she would have loved the popcorn seed to not be in her ear, however the day before the surgery her and I went to her normal doctor, and they tried to flush it out, which only led to her screaming and the popcorn seed getting lodged further down in her ear. Then that doctor sent us to an ENT, he used all the proper methods to get it out, but the result was a two-year-old screaming her head off, “Daddy help me!” Which broke my heart on two levels, one no dad loves to hear their daughter scream in fear and pain, but the other was that she thought I was allowing the ENT doctor to hurt her and daddy’s help would result in me stopping the pain. In other words, she didn’t realize that by holding her down and letting the doctor attempt to get the seed out, I was helping her; in her mind, help meant the immediate removal of pain. Because she couldn’t handle the pain the doctor had no choice but to schedule a surgery to remove the seed. So, did Eden want the seed in her ear, not really, but even more than that, she didn’t want the pain, and her choice was to leave the seed in so she didn’t have to go through any more pain.

See here is the deal, we all have popcorn stuck in our ears. Not literally, but from the day we are born, we are born in sin-the fact is all of our kids learn to say, “mine” as their first or second word, the fact that no one has to teach them not to share, the fact that they are selfish at the core without being taught to be, says one of two things: (1) It is how we are born, with a very selfish nature, (2) As evolution has progressed into such a higher consciousness we have ended up naturally more selfish, and if that is the case, we are wasting our time trying to stop it, which makes all social-work, orphan work, justice work, a waste of time, because in our superior selfishness, evolution is probably trying to exterminate the weaker, so let’s just stand by and let evolution do what evolution does and enjoy our materialistic consumeristic selfish lives, it would sure save me a lot of money.

Now, the truth is we don’t like to admit that we are born sinners. The reason being is we compare us not with a Holy Spotless God, but with other people. So, no my kid is not a murder, rapist, dictator, or politician (shouldn’t have said that), but here is what we know if we take everything down to the common denominator, ALL sin from the murder of billions, to individual murders, rapes, to domestic arguments have at their roots–selfishness. Some of us learn how to manage our selfishness, but the truth is, like my daughter’s popcorn seed, when it is confronted at some level we will fight and scream to keep it there and protect our little worlds at the expense of others or our own selves – why because we love us. The Bible calls this idolatry.

This is why we don’t like Jesus, not because he is about faith and not logic, so is everything else at its core, but because he confronts us at our most selfish level.

Like my daughter, I recognize, that if I wasn’t selfish, and you weren’t selfish, then the world would definitely be a much better, cleaner, safer, loving place, so theoretically I don’t want to be selfish, but the pain in confronting my selfishness is not worth the pain of removal. I want what I want, I don’t want to have to submit myself to a specialist, so I need someone to go in against my will.

However, I need a specialist. I need someone who can go in, against my will, and remove from me that which I can’t remove and that which will eventually hurt me and those around me. I need to someone to inflict a little temporary pain so my popcorn seed won’t take root and destroy my ability to hear a world screaming out for help…

After Eden’s surgery the doctor brought us the seed…it had settled and was getting ready to enter the stage of either opening up or taking root, either way, it would have destroyed her ear drum…


One thought on “The Sin of Popcorn!

  1. Great teaching Matthew – thanks for the analogy. Made me think about at the core – we are our own god. We are our own idol, our own Baal. Not worshipping ourselves is the fundamental thing that Christ tells us to turn our back on and since we are born as humans with a nature to worship ourselves it is why it is so stinkin’ difficult.

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