God has Cancer!

God Has Cancer

We have many stories of people who have had encounters with God through people with certain bad habits, illnesses, or from different geographical locations.  In fact, in the scriptures alone we have an instance when God speaks through a burning bush and then one where we speaks through a donkey.  I personally had this encounter with a drunk homeless man back in February of 1994.  Then just last week I had this encounter again.

As many of you know we have been through a bit of an ordeal with our fourth child, Elie.  Grant it, compared to most of our global problems or kids born with fatal or even lasting diseases I have no room to even talk, but none the less we have.

Something we haven’t told anyone yet, is that about 2-3 days into the ordeal, while we were still at the hospital, I had run out to get something to eat for Sarah.  When I came back in, on her hospital bed was my wife, with her Bible open, worship music on, and tears of joy running down her face.  Now, understand, 2 days in we had no clue what was going on.  We didn’t know how long this may go on, we didn’t know if it was fatal, we didn’t know if she would be affected for the rest of her life…all we knew is that our baby girl was in the NICU, and her blood was doing something dangerous.  So, there is Sarah with all that confusion, overwhelmed with a heart of gratitude and worship.  She was not begging Christ to heal Elie (though we have prayed that often), but she was just soaking in His goodness and worthiness.  If you are a husband, there is NOTHING more beautiful than that sight.  Nonetheless, she said to me, “I have such peace, and know that God allowed this to happen for a reason we don’t understand yet…”

Fast-forward a couple weeks, and we think we are out of the storm.  Elie is home, and we are going in for her weekly check-up.  The next day, we got the call, things weren’t good again, in fact they had gotten so bad, that we had to set up an appointment to get the ‘official’ statement, “Your daughter is going to have to go through a blood transfusion…”  So, we head to the Hematologist’s office, which happened to be the Dell Blood/Cancer Center for Children.  When I walked in the first thing I saw was a girl about the age of 13, bald, with some sort of clear pack on her chest, and various wires coming out of her clothes.  That sight alone about sent me over the edge.  Then, I’m setting on the floor of the waiting room, playing some stupid game on my iphone, and there walks in a little boy with his mom.  He hardly had any hair, he seemed very frail, and when I looked up, I looked right back down and began to cry.  I’ve seen kids with cancer before, why was this messing with me?   Was this the ‘reason’ Sarah was talking about back in the Hospital?  Did God allow what happened to Elie to get us here and subject us to wreck us?  Was God speaking to us?  Was God calling Sarah and I into a new realm of involvement?  I believe the short answer is, “Yes!”  So, Sarah and I got up, and we went and set by the young boy and his mom, as most normal men do, ya’ know, follow ill children and their mom’s around a waiting room.  Anyway, I began to talk to the boy, choking back tears with every word, and when he looked up at me and began to talk, I melted, I think I heard the voice of God through this young boy named Parker.  Initially, I wanted to look away from him, but I couldn’t, I was captivated, I know I was standing on holy ground…That day, God had cancer, or should I say, he began to wreck me through a six year old boy named Parker.  I’ve always had a heart for children, orphans especially, but this was new, this was different, this wasn’t the normal, “ahhh, that’s so sad, I’m gonna pray for him, and just be glad my daughter doesn’t have that…”  This was one of those, “I’ve got to be involved in this someway…” kind of moments…   I know, I am going to have many people say, “Yes, one time God broke my heart over…(you fill in the blanks).”  The problem with that is, that most of us who say that have not yet moved on it…so I don’t know what is worse, never having God appear to you that way, or never having moved on it…what I am talking about is a haunting, not sad picture…

So, why am I writing this…I don’t know, to get it out there maybe…I don’t want to read back about this incident and think, “…one day…”  So, if God doesn’t give me specific direction on this, then Sarah and I will jump in, one way or another…But also to challenge you…In your life, has God just been a God of blessing.  Has God been a God who just speaks to you through your Scriptures or prayer time…Or has God ever spoken to you through a homeless man, a boy like Parker, an orphan, a prostitute, someone who has lost all hope…If God has never come to you as one of these…Would you begin to ask him too…but let me warn you, once you do, and once He does, even if it is blindly, follow him into the unknown…

So, may God haunt you, and may you follow him into a place that will wreck you forever…


5 thoughts on “God has Cancer!

  1. What the freak dude, I’m almost in tears now…

    Great post bro!!! So much need in our world, God help us to use our time and resources more wisely!

  2. Powerful, that is the heart of a man after God’s own heart! I hate to think about the many times I have heard God’s voice and missed the connection to the future. It often isn’t about feeling good or helping someone. You know, the things that make us feel better. It’s about obedience. Stepping out of our comfort zone into the errie world of God’s plan is where we learn and grow to the greatest extent.

    My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Greater things than these will you do also. Isn’t that His promise?

    Keep listening to the homeless, the Parkers, and anyone or anything God puts in your path. Just don’t file it away and do nothing with it. We are in a time of action. Explore the interaction with God and seek his plan.

    Continue to be the warrior father He is calling you to be.


  3. Wow. What an incredible post. I hate to think about how many times God has wanted me to encounter Him through someone who’s hurting and I have just turned away. God is breaking my heart over how much I protect myself from experiencing anything unsettling or uncomfortable. I’m now learning that those types of situations and experiences are exactly what I should be pursuing because that’s where Jesus is – with the broken, the sick, the lonely, the lost. Lord, protect me from the bubble I keep myself in.

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