I Hate This:

You will be in luck, I am taking a chance to blog or simply rant.  So, if you are easily offended and want to argue this, don’t, I am simply venting on about 4 or 5 things that piss me off, so either enjoy, pray for my issues, or ignore the blog:

  1. $100,000 Cars in a Church Parking Lot: Here is the deal, it’s not really the cost of the car (kind of it is) as much as it is what it’s tied too.  I worked in the automobile industry for years, and what I learned was this: at some point money is no longer spent on reliability, but on status.  And there is nothing more irritating to me than seeing a person who claims to be a follower of Christ, who still gets their value and worth from the machine they drive (argue it all you want, it is what it is).  But let me take this a step further, how can someone who takes the Bible as literal, in good conscious buy a $100k car, when they know there are single moms in their church who either (1) Don’t have a car (2) truly doing the best they can but can only afford a car that breaks down every 2 weeks or (3) or simply starting over by turning over a new leaf?  I simply cannot understand this!  The truth is one could still buy a $60k car, and buy four good cars for mom’s in real need…can you imagine the ‘good’ kind of publicity you would draw from your peers who are all sporting their $100k cars and have reduced their value to a machine?  Can you imagine the questions you would get asked?  Do you have any clue how counter cultural this is?  How many opportunities would you create to tell people about the generosity that was bestowed upon you that you are simply paying forward! I guess the whole idea in Acts 4, “…and none among them were in need” is nothing more than a fun fantasy!
  2. People who present problems without possible solutions: I am thrilled that there are still many in the church that simply see abortion as murder – it is – period.  On the other hand, I am not thrilled that we have a church who protests a government that is pro-death, yet is not standing in lines offering themselves to be the new families to the would-be aborted children.  I agree folks, abortion is one of the sickest issues that are on the table, but instead of just boycotting it, what if we created an army of people that told these mothers who are aborting their children, “If you keep your child, we will walk through this with you, and then we will keep your child and give them a great life!”  Enough said!
  3. Orphans in America: I’m gonna attempt to use a tangible number, but on a macro-national level, from what I understand there are double the amount of churches in the state of Texas than there are children in the ENTIRE United States that need to be adopted.  Let’s bring this home – in Travis county there are 198 children ready for adoption.  In Travis county there are well over 30,000 evangelical Christians.  Anybody catching on.  It is actually possible for the church to wipe out the entire Orphan crisis in America, and still allow over 50% of the church to not even care.  Okay, I know, some of our kids may have to forgo their 2nd flat panel television, and some may not get all the Wii games they wanted, because we would have to supply for some other shmuck whose parent should have used protection (sense the sarcasm).  But lets think bigger, we are not talking about changing the life of one kid, we are talking about ending the cycle of poverty for generations to come, and modeling the adoption we all received from our heavenly Father.
  4. Costless Gospel: Well, let me say this, the gospel isn’t costless, so if it is costless, then it isn’t the gospel, but I will use the words, “costless gospel.”  You know we have headed down a wrong road when someone can say, “the gospel cost me extra-marital affairs…” “the gospel cost me pornography…” “the gospel cost me pre-marital sex…” “the gospel cost me violence…” NO, NO, NO, NO!  The gospel didn’t cost you those things, it FREED you from those things…those things were costing you more than you will ever know…the gospel rescued you…freed you…so wash that off your ‘cost list’ – now ask yourself, “what does it mean to take up your cross” or “what has the gospel cost you!”
  5. Dallas Cowboys: oh’ I just went of track…anyway…I promise I will write a blog that is not so judgmental and nicer…

5 thoughts on “I Hate This:

  1. Boo ‘boys. Go Niners!

    Matthew 16:19 “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    I heard that the performance of a $100K vehicle can’t stand up to solid gold streets. That’s really a bummer.

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