Tiger Woods and Christmas

Okay, let me start off by saying, I am not going to bash on Tiger’s many affairs – I’ll say only this in the light of Theology – according to Chesterson total depravity, “…is the only doctrine of Christianity that can be empirically proven.”  Even as we, according to some secularists and atheists, “rise to a higher and better consciousness” we cannot nor have we, nor will we ever ‘evolve‘ beyond this – when our own selfish ambitions and self-worship are confronted deep enough by some person, some thing, or some idea we will take the side of self, unless we truly begin to embrace and engage the story of redemption that we have been invited into, this is who we are.

Anyway, that is not what this blog is about, and I am sure, by now you are wondering, how in the world does Tiger Woods and Christmas link together if we are not going to talk about Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour video game.  The other day, as many of you have, I was watching much of the news about this whole ordeal, and I read a statement that caused me to pause and think.  Tiger Woods, in commenting about his actions said, “…I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves…” The problem with that statement is, Tiger Woods, was in fact being VERY true to his values.  Now, he may not have been true to what he wishes his values were, he may not have been very true to the vision he has for himself, he may not have been true to the persona he has created, but if Tiger did anything in truth, it was, that he was VERY true to his values.

That is something we all are – true to our values.  Our values are not something we simply write down.  Our values are not something we just create and decide, “this is who I am, because I say so.”  If we do, we will be betrayed by our actions, our investments, our desires, and our life.  The problem with values are, is one cannot fake it for long, sooner or later our lives will prove what our values truly are.  Tiger is a selfish, self-absorbed, self-centered human – I know, I know, how dare I judge him…I didn’t judge him, I just summarized what he proved.  He, because of his own desires, sacrificed his wife, kids, name, and fame.  Tiger, cared more about his own desires than anything or anyone else – in other words, the moment what he truly valued confronted who he hoped to be, his true values won out.  Had someone asked him point blank he would not have admitted his values, he would have admitted to who he hoped he was, but the truth is he proved his true values – Self.

We are coming into the Christmas season.  If you ask any Christian, “do you care for the poor, the neglected, the marginalized, and those who do not have what you have…”  Most of us will says, “yes, we very much care for them, very much.”  However, for most of us, we will not be stating our values, we will be stating our ‘vision for what we wished our values were.’   The truth is, in this time of Christmas, we will prove our real values, and they will be much like Tiger – self.  We will bow to the idols of consumerism, materialism, and fame to the neglect of those we all say we care for.  Now, sure many of us will do our token donation to make ourselves feel better, but outside of that, we will go in further debt, we will feel bad for our kids if they don’t get all the ‘stuff’ they requested, we will spend more money on things we will throw away in 6-12 months, than most people will earn in 6 months to a year.

Now, I’m not trying to be a holiday downer, but I am hoping, in some form or fashion, to ask you, “before you get blindsided by this holidays obsessive idolatry , ask you yourself one simple question, ‘what is my money proving my values to be?‘.”  Then once you have honestly reflected on that, ask yourself, “what could you do, to begin to steer your values in a new direction, so that one day, your natural reactions and actions will prove that your values truly line up with the values of Jesus, not the American prosperity…”

So, may you be counter cultural this Christmas…May you and your family resemble the Christ who sacrificed, rather than the World that consumes.  May you care about those who have not, and may that caring be reflected as much in your pocketbooks as it is in your voice.  May you be Christ to those in need this Christmas season!


2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods and Christmas

  1. Hi Matthew, good blog. I imagine that it is quite a shock to some to actually face the idea that their values are not what they think them to be but what they in reality live. What if this :idea” is true for being “christian”?
    I particularly like the moral depravity proof you pointed out, something that we all need to continually examine and confess that only by God’s grace are we forgiven.
    On another note, is it the responsablity of the “haves” to combat the life choices of the “have nots”? I have rarely met a homeless person who got there through no choice of his own, and better yet stayed there because of others choices, An orphan, outside of parentacide, widows, and immagrents deserve Godly help due to the results being outside their control.
    Illegals excluded because it “was” their choice.
    In thinking through the chaos of our work ethics and financial system, biblical slavery looks pretty good. It had an end and a purpose and produced lasting results.
    When God turns this nations values around through modern day Paul Reveres what will be the tools of His actions? The most effective tool is a righteous man, leading his household according to values God long ago set into ink and paper, filtered into the blood and sweat of honest men.
    Keep up the good work.

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