2010 is on its way…

2010 is on its way, and I’ve heard that if you “fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”  So, I am going to attempt to set a rhythm for 2010 and I plan on putting them out there so that those who want to, can hold me accountable, and even if you don’t I know they are out there, and people will know if I am striving for them or not.  So, for 2010, my rhythm for life will be…

  • Grow more spiritually: This has to be my number one goal.  There is nothing in my life that matters to me like my relationship with God, and there is nothing I want more than to grow more in my knowledge, affection, and understanding of Jesus.  This plan is not about earning my way to God, but about posture.  I believe this sort of rhythm postures my life to be more in touch with him, more obedient to him, and ultimately more in love with him.  So, to do this, I think I need the following elements: (1) Scripture: I have done well at reading scripture, but I think it is time for me to add more meditation and memorization to this part of my life.  I plan on focusing most of the year on slowly studying through Leviticus and Acts. (2) Prayer: my plan for this is to focus on prayer in three ways: [i] The Lord’s Prayer: After all, when the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, this was his answer.  I have found that, not necessarily quoting the Lord’s prayer will pull me deeper into God’s presence, but rather praying the format of the principles laid out in the Lord’s prayer, is a good way for me to be postured toward God and away from me – God’s glory; God’s Kingdom; God’s will; My needs (which take on a different property when I concentrate on his glory, kingdom, and will in my life); Forgiveness and Repentance (which seems to be deeper when I have reflected on his glory, kingdom; and will first); my relationships; temptations and discipline. [ii] Scripture: I find that the best way to focus on God’s way, law, will, and kingdom over mine is to pray and meditate on scripture, sometimes it is very good to create your own liturgy, write out scripture and paraphrase (without loosing the meaning or point) and pray it daily. [iii] Silence: In our on-the-go world, it is very hard to disconnect and still our minds, this is really hard for me to do, so this year, I am going to aim at taking time each day, to simply sit in the silence of God, and let the Holy Spirit pray through me, speak to me, or whatever…  (3) Study: This is not a new goal for me, as I love to read, but this year I am going to become more disciplined in my reading, and make it a point to focus on high-theology books while at the same time reading high-justice oriented books, I think that is a great mix.  (4) Journal: This has been one of the best outlets for personal spiritual growth, so I plan on keeping it up.  (5) Personal Discipleship: In other words, be committed to being discipled and discipling.  If you want another perspective or more ideas on centering and planning your spiritual walk this year the read J.R. Vassar‘s new blog on this: HERE or John Piper’s advice HERE.  If you plan on reading through the entire Bible in one year, I recommend doing it chronologically.
  • Family: I am admitting, that one of my biggest faults is that I bow to the god of accomplishment.  In other words it is hard for me to just be…just be a husband, just be a dad, just be a friend…this probably speaks to something much deeper, but this isn’t the space for that…I know, in order to do this, I need to set some guidelines on my life like: (1) unplugging (2) sabbathing (3) calendar man-outings with Ashton, dates with Serena & Eden, and most importantly, Sarah. (4) Die on the hill of family night.
  • Relationships: many of my friendships and relationships have taken a back seat to my ‘doing’ over the past 12 months.  For whatever reason I have been too tired, worn out, and have not created margin for those outside of the Hansen 6 (grant it, the birth of baby number four is part of the reason, so I’m good with that excuse).
  • Fitness: Those who know me, I know you were waiting for this one to pop-up.  I will admit, that the addition of baby number 4 has affected this, and I expected this, but it is time to move it up a notch.  So, in my aim to get myself back into the…scratch that, in the aim at getting myself into better shape, I am going to begin to do a bit of research to add to or exchange my current routines for.  I would love to be under the 195 lbs mark (for those who don’t know, I’ve been between 205-210 for the past 11 years, so it’s not like I’ve put on weight).  My current weight has never been a problem for me, but I’m getting older, which means this weight will be harder to manage and not as healthy.  I’m up for any suggestions – interested in trying the whole P90X, but I am so leery of DVD programs, but I’ve heard nothing but good about it…
  • Community Development/Enhancement: My hope is to become more schooled in idea of community development in impoverished arenas of the city.  I am starting this through reading, and getting involved in and creating opportunities for others to get involved in (Kingdom Saturation)  in one specific area of town. I believe this will lead
  • Life Enrichment/Engagement: I kind of feel, like if I feel anything about what I am supposed to do in 2010, is not so much start new projects in life which includes ministry, family, relationships, etc, rather take a year and focus on enriching and more fully engaging in those projects, relationships, opportunities, etc, etc…then we’ll see what God has for 2011…I know my personality and leadership style, and the more areas of life I create, the more I am stuck in management mode…and when I get in management mode, let’s just say, throwing in the towel is the best feeling I get, I won’t get into the worst feeling…This year (2009), Leadership style has been a learning curve for me, but I feel like I have had some revelation on this and has helped me bring the ‘puzzle‘ closer together.

Talk to you all in the new year!


2 thoughts on “2010 is on its way…

  1. I like this. Rhythm. It is not only repetition, but perpetuation. It is saving the important stuff from extinction by giving them a name and a prominent place in our lives.

    The things that stood out to me were: sabbathing, and praying/memorizing scripture. Observing sabbath — for real — has changed my life in the past year. And as much as I quote movies or tv shows, I think I should add a little more scripture to my vocabulary!

    Thanks for your inspiration!

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