I don’t usually, or should I say I have never used my blog as an outlet to just tell about my day, but today is a must.  For those who don’t know, I am in Peoria.  Every year for the last 10 years Sarah and I make an annual 2 week trek up here to get our taste of winter.  This time, in order to be back for Sunday Service, I decided to give myself a whole 24 hour cushion, in other words, our original plan was to leave on Friday, but like a good steward of time, I thought it would be a good idea to leave Thursday, so if I needed a cushion day I could take one, and if not, then I had a day of rest once back into Austin.  So here is how my day unfolded:

  1. 9:00 pm on the 6th – completely packed the car to assure an early morning departure.
  2. 7:30 am on the 7th – alarm goes off to assure we are on the road by 9, which puts us in Texarkana by 11pm, leaving only 6 hours of drive time on the 7th – good planning
  3. 8:45 am – the kids are dressed, and I walk outside to place the blankets and pillows in the car, to notice the car is completely covered by snow, as is the road.
  4. 9:00 am – go online to check satellite maps, discover that several sites report all major highways are iced from Peoria, Illinois to Springfield, Missouri, but I think, if I can at least get south of STL, that puts about 3-4 hours under my belt – current plan – muscle on!
  5. 9:15 am – my brother-in-law, knocks on the door asks me to move my vehicle so he can snow blow my in-laws drive way.  I say, “no problem.” Start the car, back out with ease, and cannot go forward…AT ALL…in fact moved back about 10 feet.
  6. 9:45 am – my brother-in-law, takes the driver seat, and makes it two-feet forward.  We look at the car, and realize that the two front tires are very bald for this type of weather that SUCKS…
  7. 10:10 am – decision made, if we want to get anywhere in this weather we need the tires replaced.  Brother-in-law says he’ll drive my vehicle and I’ll follow in father-in-laws truck.
  8. 10:35 am – Brother-in-law only makes it two feet.  Come up with the brilliant plan of me running ahead of him with a snow shovel and carpet-remnant to put under the wheel…this lasted about about 30 feet – you’re picturing it, and yes, it was just as funny and clumsy as it sounds…southern boy running in thick snow!
  9. 10:50 am – Arrive at the Honda dealership, they promise it will take 120 minutes (flash forward, the time is now 4:22pm, and Sarah is going to pick it up now)
  10. 11:00 am – Notice my in-laws across-the-street-neighbor (elderly man) is attempting to shovel his driveway.  Run across the street and ask him if I can help?  After I convinced him I wasn’t asking because I thought he was too old to do it, he let me help.  Then invited me for a beer – AT 11:30am, are you KIDDING!  But I couldn’t refuse him, he was trying to be nice after I knocked out his drive way.  We walk inside, and he assaulted my Ale-Only-lips (when it comes to beer) with a Busch Beer – are you kidding me…Busch beer, my virgin lips had been defiled!  And not only defiled, but at 11:30 am.  None the less, we sit around his kitchen table, and listened to him tell me old World War 2 stories, and then breaks down crying recounting how his brother had been shot down over Germany and then was held as a POW, and finally died.  All in all, was a very good time…
  11. 12:30 pm – Looks for the silver lining – I can at least watch the Longhorns play instead of read about it.
  12. 2:00 pm – Father-in-law calls, “Have you seen the news for tomorrow?” Me, “No…last I looked (yesterday), it was going to be cold and sunny.”  Father-in-law, “That’s changed, we are supposed to get another 4-6 inches, and the wind is going to pick up pretty heavy, making the driving conditions worse than today…”  Me, “Awesome…lost my cushion day today, now I’ll have to plan for a Sunday arrival or just hope the weather men in Peoria are as off as the weather men in Austin, and even if I could leave for STL, I still didn’t have my vehicle…
  13. 3:30 pm – Text from Citi-bank, “we need you to call us, there may be fraud usage on your card.”  Now, I’m wishing I had that Busch beer!  So, I called Citi-bank, and sure enough, some dude in NYC had just charged more than $600 on the card, so the one credit card I carry with me, is now turned off – fabulous…
  14. 4:00 pm – I realize, “I should blog about this day…”
  15. 4:40 pm – I post this blog and Sarah is out getting the vehicle with her mom and sister.

Romans 8:28: And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

In all seriousness, we would ask you to pray for us as we make our decent south, be that Tomorrow or Saturday.  Hope all of you watching the game tonight enjoys the game, and I hope to see several of you in church if not, know I’ll be missing and thinking of you all while you are there!



4 thoughts on “01.07.10

  1. OMGosh Matthew!! I’m praying for you and your family’s safety. I have to agree with you, Busch?! But I would have drank it too. Can’t be rude to an elder much less a WWII veteran. What a day.

  2. okay seriously, this is “santosuosso” worthy…now you can get a glimpse into our lives and the craziness that surrounds us constantly!! Know that we love you and thoroughly enjoyed this blog..hope you make it back to Austin…maybe before we actually make it back to Spain!

  3. Wow…what a day…much kudos to you for helping out the ol’ (not old) vet. What a neat experience to be an outlet for him!

    As for you, prayer’s that you’ll make it here safely. If the weather continues, perhaps you can be stowaways on a cargo ship bound for Galveston or Corpus??

  4. Matthew, you were right to blog about this. Sorry to hear how things went down. Being from Michigan I have missed the snow, but right now am feeling happy about living here in A-town. I know it wasn’t how you thought you’re morning would go, but how you must have made that man’s day listening to his stories. Have a safe trip home and hopefully we will see youse guys ( northern for ya’ll) on Sunday. And yes, I did picture you running ahead of your bro-in-law with a snow shovel and hate to admit it, but I did LOL!!!! Again, be safe and God be with you on your trip home. Monica

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