Coming Daily Blog: Detox

My last blog kind of inspired me to do this – a simple blog about my day.  But this blog has been in the works now as far back as January 11th.  In fact on January 11th, I started a whole-being detox.  This detox consisted of detoxing my body, mainly from all the junk-intake through the holidays.  I cut out all meats, all dairy, and sugars. I even changed my exercise routines – I got off of weights and did nothing but cardio (low and high impact) and natural resistance training – push-ups, pull-ups, etc, etc.

As far as my mind, I restricted my T.V./Movie watching a lot.  When I watched TV, I mainly just watched sports. I began to ask myself questions like, “If I consider this sin, and wouldn’t do it myself, why in God’s green earth would I think it was okay to entertain myself with it?”  For reading I concentrated on Crazy Love, and a high volume of scripture that flew in the face of self-actualization.  For meditation, I focused on passages that call me to a  higher level of holiness, obedience, selfless living, and dependence on the Spirit.  If I could sum up this portion, it would be, becoming ‘sober minded.’

My hope in all this was to empty myself (mind, body, and soul) of junk that would make for an unhealthy being.  I officially finish this Detox stage on February 14th when I cross the finish line at the Austin Half Marathon.

This has been a great journey, and I have recorded every day along the way.  I have had a LOT of ups and downs, surprisingly more downs than ups.  And while at times it felt my soul was being tortured and madness reigned, I would recommend everyone to start each year, detoxing your being.  My initial reaction was to post everything in one shot, but that is 35 days worth of posts in one shot…so, I decided to do this entry blog, then starting next week, I will post one week per-day.  After that, we will move (not leave) from the detox portion to the strengthen portion…

Let me make one more thing clear, and then I’ll sign off till next week.  I have separated my year into five phases…these phases are NOT separate of each other, but rather build on top of each other, using the previous phase to launch the next one.  So, now, that I have detoxed as much as I can or am willing to for the last 5 weeks, and feel like I am at a purer foundation strengthen on, and so will be the next phase in relation to the strengthen phase.

You can automatically go to these posts by clicking on the following links:

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