Strengthen Phase

So, the journey of building strength off of the DETOX phase began on February 22nd.  Just a reminder, in this phase, my hope is to build strength on top of the the foundation that was recovered through the DETOX phase.  I believe that the foundation and the pillars that I need to focus on in the strengthen phase are:

  • Community – To build strength in community I focused on: (1) Family: I have focused on this by demanding a stop-time for me in my work and studies – the kids and Sarah get me (focus and attention) after 5pm – period.  I have focused on this by even scheduling (yes, I said scheduling) wrestle time with my kids. Sarah and I have begun working with other couples in our Restore Community to have a baby-sitting co-op, in other words, each couple keeps all the kids, once a month so the other families can date their spouse and not have to spend money on a babysitter, but I have to say, most of this has been deepened and strengthened by my prayer life over my family – men, it is a must – I know we all know it, but this needs to be a demand for us (2) Friends: we have decided that they get Sunday nights, unless there is something that is way too necessary and can’t be allowed, but I had to stop saying, sure we can hang out, and just make it happen. (3) My Restore Community: The bible tells us that as a church we are the ‘family’ of God, you could have described my Restore Community as many things, family was not one of them.  So, we asked, “how can we become a family?”  We have created environments that allow us to stay connected way more than a twice a month meeting.  In fact that meetings have turned into a conversation, we meet together once a month with no other agenda then to eat and enjoy each other’s company, and we have created a facebook page for our group that keeps us communicating.
  • Physically – All I can say, is I have been doing P90X for the last 100 days, and it is every bit, if not more than, what they say on television – dang!

The strengthen phase was great.  I feel God shared  lot with me, and has begun to strengthen me in ways I didn’t expect.  However, while this was great, I do feel a bit beat up and ready for the SIMPLE phase.  This will affect the way I eat, train, read/study scripture, and spend time with people.  I plan on starting this on June 1st, and carrying it through August 31st.



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