Last year (2010) I started off with a phase I called, DETOX.  It was wonderful, and I believe God really moved me or began me down a road, that seems to be deepening with ideas of church, justice, and life.  I seem to be going deeper and deeper into a point of no return.   A couple weeks ago, I wrote a blog called ‘next steps‘.

So, this year, I going to kick off with what I am calling, “SIMPLE” based around the five areas of focus I mentioned in the ‘next steps’ blog: (1) Spiritual (2) Family (3) Physical (4) Community (5) Intellectual

Spiritual: Starting January 1 I am simply going to continue to read the scriptures in chronological order, as opposed to my normal process of taking an entire year to dig through 2-4 books in the Bible.  Then with that, I am going to add Common Prayer…my hope will be to journal for the first 30 days on this blog starting January 3rd and ending with my 1/2 marathon on the 30th of January.  Why not the whole year?  I believe, for me, I will be best served with just the Bible, the book, and prayer…NO Computer.

Family Life: I am going to re-orient my days, so that my family gets the best of me – period…we started this with Christmas gifts, by buying gifts that need family involvement; this will continue with the cancellation of cable TV; along with my plan is to break away from the grip of Social Media (twitter/facebook), which I’ll aim at a two month break from.  I am sure will evolve throughout the year.

Physical: This is the one that isn’t much of a stretch for me, as it is my favorite hobby.  So, I won’t comment much on this one.

Community Life: We have worked really hard over the last year to turn our Restore Community from a manufactured group to a true community group, much like a family.  This year, I want to take the guys in my life on a journey with me, into a deep band of brothers.

Intellect: The word itself actually means, “stay away from church planting books” – I’m kidding, but I’m a bit cynical of them; I’ll focus on theology and justice books.


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