January 5th

Today’s Scripture reading:

  • 1 Chronicles 6– I have to admit, I dreaded this chapter with it’s litany of names and places…but here’s what happened: I wanted to simply buzz through it, but I didn’t.  So in 1 Chronicles 6:57, I read this: “…so, the descendants of Aaron were given Hebron (a city of refuge)…”  So, I couldn’t help but think, the descendants of Aaron as we know was the priestly line, and their city was a place of refuge…As many of you know, I have a vision for a Sanctuary Church (churches of refuge)… is God calling some of his pastors in his church (big “C”) to begin to develop churches known as cities of refuge just as he did with Aaron and his descendants… what if the church began to take on this posture in their cities…in the words of John Lennon – “Imagine”
  • Psalm 81,88,92, & 93 & Psalm 102-104 – May we constantly remember the goodness and greatness of God and may all that we see and taste from creationelicit from us worship to Him.
  • 1 Chronicles 7-10 –  I guess, I have to ask myself, what or who is the “medium” that I seek as instead of God: circumstances, feelings, money, etc…?

From Common Prayer:

What a story…may this story not be a story but a reality in our lives:

In the sayings of the desert fathers, this story is recorded: “One day Abba Arsenius consulted an old Egyptian monk about his own thoughts.  Someone noticed this and said to him, ‘Abba Arsenius, how is it that you with such good Latin and Greek education ask this peasant about your thoughts?’  He replied, ‘I have indeed been taught Latin and Greek, but I do not know even the alphabet of this peasant.'”


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