January 9th

Chronological Bible Reading: Psalm 1-2, 15, 22, 23-24, 47, 68

  • 1:2 needs to be believed as a fact not an option, much like gravity
  • 15:4 …who keeps an oath, even when it hurts… hmmm
  • Maybe one of the most fascinating things about David, is even when he felt as if God was far away or even turning his back on him, David never records turning from God as an option, if anything his torment seemed to only driving him further into God

Common Prayer: Psalm 47:5-8; Genesis 3:1-24; Galatians 2:11-21

Cyprian of Carthage, a 3rd Century North African Bishop wrote the following:

“The Lord has given us a pattern of prayer, instructing us on how we are to pray.  He has made it easy for us to be heard as we pray to the Father in the words taught us by the Son.  What prayer could be more a prayer in the truth than the one spoken by the lips of the Son, who is truth himself?  To ask the Father in words his Son has given us, to let him hear the prayer of Christ ringing in his ears, is to make our prayer one of friendship, a family prayer.  Let the Father recognize the words of his Son.”


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