January 10th

Chronological Reading: Psalm 89, 96, 100, 101, 105, 132 & 2 Samuel 6-7 & 1 Chronicles 17

Common Prayer: Psalm 55:1-6; Habakuk 1; Galatians 3:1-14

  • The opening chapter of Habakuk should be the heart of all – justice and salvation, to the point it haunts him and he aggressively seeks God about it…I have to ask myself, have I sought God on the behalf of these as much as I have tried to work on behalf of these…no, I haven’t, may 2011 be the year I am marked as a man of prayer more than a man of action…and may my action be the product of prayer
  • I think if Paul wrote Galatians to me and asked me this same question, “After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?” I would have to honestly say, “yes.”  This is my fight – I have to complete, I have to accomplish, I have to win, I have succeed…but to even make it worse, I allow ME to define what accomplish, win, succeed, and complete even mean, as opposed to allow God to determine these.  I am my own worst enemy … Father, I need your help to rest in you, to realize that your grace is sufficient not your grace plus my efforts, just your grace…I no longer want this to be a verse I know how to quote at the appropriate times, but rather I long for this to become the reality that is evident in my life…

Mother Amma Theodora wrote,

“Let us strive to enter by the narrow gate.  Just as the trees if they have not stood before the winter’s storms cannot bear fruit, so it is with us; this present age is a storm and it is only through many trials and temptations that we can obtain an inheritance in the kingdom of heaven.”


One thought on “January 10th

  1. You know, the thing about God’s grace is that it is just that ,Grace, we either get it or we miss it , either way Grace doesn’t change, it is always sufficient, always available through faith.

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