Support the Little Activist HELPing Haiti

Okay, so it’s like this.  My oldest daughter Serena goes to City School, a school dedicated to the best sort of education.  Like all schools, they too need money.  So, like all schools they have fund raisers.  However, unlike most schools, they use fundraisers as an opportunity to teach their children basic business skills, starting in the first grade – they actually help the kids come up with business plans, initial funding, networking and sales plan.  And unlike most schools, they only ask that 50% of the proceeds go to the school, then they ask the student to donate the other 50% to a charity of their choice.  Does City School need the entire 100%?  Yes, they are a private school with no government funding, yet are committed to allowing children who could not afford this type of education normally to attend, so many of the kids are on a scholarship.  Yet at the same time, they believe they must be an “outward” focused school.

So, being that Serena is my daughter, she decided she would like to make “Freedom Necklaces” to support our anti-trafficking work in Haiti.

Each necklace costs $5, and 50% of the proceeds goes to City School and 50% goes to fighting slavery in Haiti.

So, if you would like to buy some necklaces  email Sarah at, let her how know how many you want.  If you live in Austin, we can figure out an exchange, and if you live out of state, email us and we’ll exchange addresses and the goods!


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