Haiti, day 6

Today was a great day, simple but good.  No manual labor, and a LOT of time in the car, which is normal, but today seemed like more.  Though the roads, absolutely suck, and my back proves it, our time in the vehicle as been rich… some deep conversations, some fun conversations, some silly, and some silence… we have all gotten to know each other even better, even those of us who have known each other for a long time, in fact, Shonna, Jill, and myself realized we really aren’t rude, snobs, rather just quiet introverts that don’t always do the best when surrounded by people we don’t know, thus, the three of us will establish an IA Support group (Introverts Anonymous) for those coping with this at ANC – it has been a joy getting to know them better.

Outside of conversation, we spent the first half of the day just playing with the kids at the orphanage, the orphanage that ANC and

The Orphanage that ANC, HELP, and Soma Austin built

The Orphanage that ANC, HELP, and Soma Austin Built

Soma Austin built and the kids that ANC sponsors.  It was a great time, moving, laughing, and crying… What do you do when the orphans pray, that God would bless us, and prosper us…?!?!?!? Geeze!  After saying “Good Bye” we headed to lunch and followed that with a final look at the house that we built.  Just to be finished with some time at the art market overlooking the whole of Port au Prince and the ocean from about 6,000 feet up.

So, because today was so laid back, I had the opportunity to do a lot of thinking today.  When you are in a place like Haiti, doing the kind of mission you love, wrestling through John 6, and reading Don’t Waste Your Life, it’s bound to make for a hot bed of tension in your soul.  So, to that, I won’t expound, but I would challenge you to wrestle with John 6 and it’s implications, add to that a good thoughtful read through Don’t Waste Your Life, and if you want to go over the edge a bit, take a community of friends, into an environment and culture that none of you are familiar with – it will challenge your current reality, which is something we all need.

So, on that let me leave you with a quote from Don’t Waste Your Life:

What a tragic waste when people turn away from the Calvary road of love and suffering.  All the riches of the glory of God in Christ are on that road.  All the sweetest fellowship with Jesus is there.  All the treasures of assurance.  All the ecstasies of joy.  All the clearest sightings of eternity.  All the noblest camaraderie.  All the humblest affections.  All the most tender acts of forgiving kindness.  All the deepest discoveries of God’s Word.  All the most earnest prayers.  They are all on the Calvary road where Jesus walks with his people.  Take up your cross and follow Jesus.  On this road, and this road alone, life is Christ and death is gain.  Life on every other road is wasted.”

 Or in the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer,

when Christ calls a man, he bids him, ‘come and die’.”



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