Faves of 2011

This is just a simple short post of my favorite things for 2011:

Top Five + 1Books (blog HERE):

  1. The Pastor
  2. Barefoot Church
  3. The Lost History of Christianity
  4. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years
  5. The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor
  6. Bonhoeffer, this is my +1, this would have been part of the top five, but I read it after I did the blog

Top Five Happenings of 2011:

  1. Tough Mudder (did a blog on it HERE)
  2. Haiti (did a series of blogs: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5, pt. 6, pt. 7, pt. 8)
  3. Las Vegas (this is one of the best vacations I had in a long time, my brother, his wife; a best friend for the past 23 years and his wife [my cousin], and a current best friend and his wife)
  4. New York City who can beat a trip with your wife, the Marlows, and LOVE146 in the Big Apple around Christmastime – magical!
  5. San Antonio – before school started back in August, just me, Sarah, and the kids got away for a three day weekend for a Hansens only weekend.  I even learned something on that little excursion, click HERE to read on it

Top Five non-profits of 2011: The point of this, is not so much to say who my favorite nonprofits are, rather, that if you still want to make an end of the year donation to an organization that counts, I recommend the following five organizations:

  1. HELP End Local Poverty
  2. Eden Reforestation Projects
  3. LOVE146
  4. Cross Cultural Connections
  5. Heartline Ministries

My top five blogs for 2011:

  1. SlaveFree through a commitment to Zero Tolerance
  2. What I learned from Tough Mudder
  3. Parable of God’s Love
  4. Get in the Ring
  5. Caged Rhino

Top 5 Albums:

  1. Barton Hollow, by The Civil Wars
  2. Sigh No More, by Mumford and Sons
  3. StrangeTown, by David Ramirez
  4. Repair the Breach, by Austin New Church
  5. **********

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